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Man fears Time, yet Time fears the Pyramids (Arab Proverb)

Egypt - one of life's great destinations ...

The sheer scale, age and volume of the ancient ruins and tombs found along the entire course of the Nile, is extraordinary by any standard. Magnificent temples, superb sculptures and intricately decorated ancient tombs are only some of the delights of this wonderful land.

Add to these bustling towns, diverse peoples, stunning desert landscapes, extraordinary bazaars, the World’s longest river, and of course, the Pyramids of Giza. Include in this mix the enormous and ancient city of Cairo, and you have one of the most exciting places to visit on Earth.

Our program in Egypt provides plenty of opportunity for you to add days at either end, and allows time for calm thought and personal contemplation of the mysteries of life, which a journey to Egypt seems to inspire.

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Cairo and Alexandria Explorer

Cairo and the Red Sea Explorer

The Nile Heritage Cruise

The Nile Odyssey Cruise

From the heights of Pharaonic Egypt through the influences of Greco-Roman civilisations and modern day Islamic Egypt, this is the perfect journey for those with limited time. Highlights include Cairo, Alexandria, the Great Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, the Biblioteque of Alexandria, Rosetta and El Alamein.

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Here is your chance to explore Cairo, Memphis, Sakkara and Giza, before flying to your resort on the shores of the Red Sea. Highlights include Islamic Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh, the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum.

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Experience the harmony and serenity of times past.

Explore past and present Egypt in Cairo as you discover the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx and the old capital of Memphis. Then set sail aboard a traditional Egyptian dahabiyya, the SS Hadeel, along the Nile River. During your 7 day cruise you will encounter majestic temples and sites, testament to five thousand years of Egyptian history and observe the passing pageant of traditional life along the Nile River.

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This is a wonderful chance to explore Upper Egypt in some depth. There is time to really get to know Cairo and its Islamic and Coptic quarters and of course the suburb of Giza, home to the Great Pyramids. Then it’s off to Luxor for your 5 Day/4 night trip up the Nile, including the West Bank with its Valley of the Kings, Luxor’s spectacular Karnak Temple and Edfu’s Temple of Horus. Finally visit amazing Abu Simbel, before returning to Cairo and heading up to visit Alexandria and Rosetta set on the Mediterranean coast, and El Alamein.

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The Treasures of the Nile Cruise

The Nile in Style Cruise

The Nile Delta and Western Desert

This classic Nile Cruise itinerary presents 4 days on the Nile River with all its most famous sites, time in Cairo to seek out the wonders of the Old City, and a full day to explore the Pyramids at Sakkara and of course, Giza. Highlights include the Egyptian Museum, the Pyramids, Islamic Cairo, the Valley of the Kings and Abu Simbel.

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There is no more exclusive Nile itinerary than this one! Discover the great monuments of Ancient Egypt in absolute style. Embark on your Nile Cruise visiting Egypt's great temples and monuments between Aswan and Luxor. Your cruise includes the spectacular site of Abu Simbel. But first, before your cruise, we introduce you to the wonders of Cairo and the great Pyramids of Giza.

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This journey takes you from Pharaonic and Islamic Cairo to the Greco-Roman influences at Alexandria, then on to Siwa Oasis in the Western Desert. Highlights include Cairo, Alexandria, the Great Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, the Biblioteque of Alexandria, Rosetta, El Alamein, the Western Desert and the Great Sand Sea.

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