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Middle East

Egypt and the Middle East speak volumes about the history of mankind, from the Stone Age to the modern day. Icon Holidays provide you the opportunity to explore this fascinating region, with journeys of 4 to 14 Days. You’ll travel in private vehicles, with your own private guides and drivers who will open up the treasures of wondrous sights, history, geography and culture. Join us, and choose the holiday of a life-time.




Egypt remains one of life’s great destinations. The sheer scale, age and volume of the ancient ruins and tombs found along the entire course of the Nile, is extraordinary by any standard. Magnificent temples, superb sculptures and intricately decorated ancient tombs are only some of the delights of this wonderful land. Add to these bustling towns, diverse peoples, stunning desert landscapes, extraordinary bazaars, the World’s longest river, and of course, the Pyramids of Giza. Our program in Egypt provides plenty of opportunity for you to add days at either end, and allows time for calm thought and personal contemplation of the mysteries of life, which a journey to Egypt seems to inspire.

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The Kingdom of Jordan is relatively small, (88,000 sq km approx) and is on the East Bank of the Jordan River. Most of Jordan is covered by the Arabian Desert, but notwithstanding Jordan provides extraordinary geographical contrasts as well as contrasts in culture, architecture and history. Our journeys in Jordan will take you along historic and ancient trade routes, past magnificent Roman ruins, to the wonders of crusader castles, the fabulous Nabataean ruins at Petra, bustling Amman and the Dead Sea.

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Our journey through the Holy Land is a must for lovers of history, and scholars and/or practitioners of Judaism, Islam or Christianity. The tiny land of Israel feels the full and often torrid schisms felt throughout the Middle East, but nowhere on Earth can you find the basis of such extraordinary social and religious viewpoints and history. Three of the World’s great religions claim it as their own, and it is impossible not to feel wonder, heritage and poignancy everywhere you visit. This is a great destination, and it should be on everyone’s ‘to do list’, and there is no better way than to experience the Holy Land than on our Icon Holidays.

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