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Terms and Conditions


All booking requests are subject to availability at the time of booking. Any quote, whether verbal or written, is valid only for 48 hours. At any time, the Company reserves the right to re-quote due to currency changes and/or changes to the actual product.

How to Book

In order to secure a booking, an initial non-refundable part-payment of $500.00 per person must be received by us within 7 days of reservation confirmation. Failure to pay within this time will result in the cancellation of any arrangements held. Please note that in some destinations and/or for some services, it may be necessary to make a part-payment of 25% or more, of the total booking to secure hotel rooms and services. This is a condition of the suppliers, and not Icon Holidays.

Minimum Booking Fee

Icon Holidays charges a non-commissionable Minimum Booking Fee of $55 inc GST for all Bookings less than $1000.00.

Final Payment

The balance of the booking cost must be received by us not less than 60 days before your departure from Australia. Late payment MAY lead to cancellation. Documentation can only be sent to you upon Icon receiving full payment. Some airfares have limited validity or are required to be booked and paid for a certain time before travel.

Late Bookings

Payment for a holiday booked within 30 days of departure must be made in full and must be received by Icon Holidays within 24 hours of confirmation of your reservation. We charge a Fee of $110 for Late Bookings where the total cost of the Booking is less than $5000.00.


No fee applies for the first amendment or to extend an existing booking, either before or after documents are issued. Changes to air arrangements already ticketed will require an amendment charge as dictated by the airline from time to time. These charges do vary. Amendment fees of $33 per amendment may be charged after the first Amendment is made. Any amendments after documentation has been issued and which require new documentation to be issued will incur a $100 combined Amendment and Re-issue fee.

Cancellation Charges

Cancellation charges are based on your departure date from Australia, and are in addition to any charge levied by your travel agent. The level of charges is calculated from the day we receive your cancellation advice in writing, and is based on the number of days before your departure from Australia. Please note that in cases where Icon Holidays has paid it’s Supplier on your behalf, the Supplier’s own cancellation charges and policies take immediate effect.

Land Arrangements (prior to departure date from Australia):

  • More than 60 days - Deposit not refundable.
  • 60 -30 days - 75% of total cost
  • Within 30 days - 100% of total cost


No refund is made on any unused arrangements organised by Icon Holidays for any reason, once you have left Australia.

Unused Services

Icon Holidays does not authorise employees of any overseas supplier to promise refunds to clients. Refunds can only be authorised/approved by Icon Holidays in Australia.

Extra Services

Icon Holidays’ rates are available only when booked and paid in advance of your departure from Australia. Should you wish to obtain extra nights, services or additional days car hire when overseas, the cost is likely to be at the normal published rates and cannot be booked through Icon Holidays.

Icon Holidays and our representatives in each country will not accept responsibility nor approve requests to pay for additional charges for extra services requested by clients following your departure from Australia. It is your responsibility to settle these charges in the country you are visiting.


All confirmed bookings will be issued with an invoice outlining all services booked. It is the responsibility of the booking agent to ensure all details are correct and cancellation conditions are acknowledged by the client.

Invoice Errors or Omissions

We reserve the right to correct any errors in rates quoted or calculated for any service notwithstanding that the invoice may have been paid in full.


Many accommodation and service providers no longer require Vouchers. Those who do require Vouchers will only accept an official Icon Holidays voucher.

Selling Prices

All costs are subject to alteration at any time because of currency fluctuations. Prices printed and /or obtained in our current rates, do not imply that these or similar products may not be available at a lower price through another supplier.

About Costs

Included in the selling price are charges to cover costs of documentation, couriers, international and domestic communications, website and brochure production, research, distribution of our products, currency transfers, advertising and promotions and commissions to Agents. No itemisation of costs can be supplied. Full or Part-Payment of your holiday signifies your acceptance of these costs.

Website and Brochure Content

Icon Holidays has made every reasonable effort to ensure that this website and brochure is accurate at the time of printing. Hotel photos are only representative of the style of the property.

Goods and Services Tax

All goods and services offered for sale within this website and brochure are exempt from the Australian GST, as the goods and services are provided outside Australia. However, for goods and services and other items connected with Australia, such as cancellation fees, GST may apply.

Health Requirements and Travel Documents

Travellers must possess valid travel documents. It is your responsibility to determine and comply with the health, visa and passport requirements that may apply in the places you intend to visit.

Travel Insurance

Icon Holidays strongly advises that you should take out comprehensive travel insurance.


Maestro Travel Pty Ltd (ACN154732662), Trading as Icon Holidays, itself, or through entities that are related or affiliated to it (all of whom are included in the expressions “Icon Holidays”, the “Operator”, “we”, “our” or “us” in this document) provide the service of selling holidays/tours and ancillary services. Icon Holidays does not itself provide the transport, accommodation, meals or other facilities and services described in our website and brochure (collectively the “services”), all of which are provided by air carriers, land carriers, cruise operators, hoteliers or other service providers as principal. Icon Holidays agrees to make the reservations with the principals (collectively the “Suppliers”) offering the services described in the website and brochure on the terms and conditions set out in this document. All contracts, tickets or vouchers issued by Icon Holidays (collectively “vouchers”) are issued subject to all tariffs, terms and conditions contained in the contracts in use by the Suppliers and constitute the sole contract between the principal and any person taking advantage of the services. Acceptance of such vouchers constitutes acceptance of the foregoing. Icon Holidays is responsible only for the services it provides and it accepts no responsibility for any loss or injury to persons or property caused by any act or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, on the part of any principal providing any services to any person taking advantage thereof. Icon Holidays is not liable in contract or tort for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force majeure or other events which are beyond the control of Icon Holidays or are not preventable or anything else that interferes with, alters or adds to the cost of the services requested or booked. The foregoing exclusions of liability are subject to all Australian and State laws, such as the Trade Practices Act and Fair Trading legislation which prohibits the exclusion of certain liability.

Icon Holidays will take due care to ensure the services provided by the principals are as described in our website and brochure subject to the qualifications and exceptions stated. The making of a booking constitutes acceptance by all persons taking advantage of the services described in our website and brochure that the terms and conditions contained in this document constitute the entire agreement between them and Icon Holidays and that the agreement can only be varied by an officer of Icon Holidays in writing.

Consumer Protection

Icon Holidays is a division of Maestro Travel Pty Ltd(ACN 154 732 662)

Consumer Claims

You should attempt in the first instance to rectify any difficulty you have in respect of a service with the principal Supplier responsible for providing that service. Should your attempt fail and should you wish to make a claim, your claim should be made in writing to the Travel Agent who made your booking as soon as possible following your return to Australia and within 30 days of the difficulty occurring. Icon Holidays cannot be held responsible for delays or rejection of claims by principals if your claim is not made promptly.

Victorian Law

The agreement constituted by the terms and conditions contained in this website and brochure are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia.


This programme is valid to 31 Oct 2019